Leadership In New Westminster

Fuel Up Program Governor General Julie Payette visits New Westminster

One program offered in New Westminster that is near and dear to my heart is the work being done by the team to deliver quality lunches that are subsidized for needy children. Research has long shown the effects on the ability to learn goes a long way when a child is not hungry. In New Westminster the path to delivering this program was initially championed by Jonina Campbell, former chair of SD40. I am committed to finding a path to keep this program alive. No child should ever be hungry sitting in our classrooms.

BCSTA: New Westminster SD Launches Ground-Breaking Lunch Program

March 8 2019 Record The Governor General visits with students New Westminster March 8th 2019

January 20 2022 Record Steep cost increase for lunch programs in New Westmister

Period Promise

Selina Tribe first spoke to the need of giving free menstral products in all school district in January 2019. After hearing her presentation, it became to clear to me this was a common sense solution to address the inequity women face once a month. Why should girls that struggle with poverty miss school due to lack of access. We promptly responded and became the first school district to install free dispensers in all bathrooms in all schools. Shortly after school districts across BC followed our lead and a shortly after the province mandated and provided extra funding to districts to purchase dispensing machines. It’s now normal in schools to get your pad free, just like your toilet paper.

A big cheer to the United Way and the campaign Period Promised.

Record Feb 17th 2019 Free pad and tampon dispensers to be installed in all New West schools

Record April 5th 2019 BC We lead the way and the Province of BC issues a ministerial order.